Apply wood grain sealer (or shellac) before staining soft woods


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4 apr 2018
Hi everyone,

sorry to write in English (I'm spanish). I could translate with Google translate, but not sure if that would be a good idea :)

I am trying to find a wood grain sealer to apply before staining the wood. I am creating a coffee table from steigerhout (douglas) and want to stain it to donker eiken, but as we know, soft woods tend to have a blotchy finish when stained (pine/fir/douglas even more).

I was wondering if shellac as sanding sealer would be a good option (or any other product you could recommend).

I could not find online (Gamma,, ...) a proper wood grain sealer with no color. I found something on Toolstation (Zwaluw woodsealer coating wit 750g) but it is white and also very thick.

I have Shellac Sanding sealer from Baptist (running out of, that is the reason why looking for something different), so:

  • Will Shellac be a good option or will block the stain from penetrating the wood?
  • Where can I buy shellac flakes and denatured alcohol? Maybe what I am missing is the dutch working for denatured alcohol. (I just found this site for shellac flakes Schellakvlokken/Shellac flakes 0,5kg – Natuurverfwebshop)
  • Any other suggestion to seal the grain but allowing the stain to penetrate?

Almost all brands I see in Youtube videos (Zinsser Seal Coat, ...) are from USA and not easy to find here.

Thank you very much for your time :)


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24 nov 2019


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4 apr 2018
Thank you very much for your answers.

Now I know where to by Shellac and alcohol :)

Btw, applied Shellac (what I had remaining) and then the verfbeits and did not like it. The Shellac creates a layer and then the stain is not properly absorbed by the wood.

I found on amazon the Minwax Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner which I believe is the product should be used before staining.

Thanks again for the useful answer!


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