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    Woodworking in den Haag Tips needed

    Hi, first, i apologize for not witting in Dutch but This seems such a welcoming woodworking community so i decided to jump in on English

    I just move to the Hague and I'm following a wood working continuing education program as well as learning dutch.
    I am looking for members in the city with tips and advice on the craft as well as info on shared spaces or workshops where i can practice what i am learning.
    Really excited abut hearing your thoughts.

    You can reply in Dutch if you feel more comfortable. I am giving a good run to Google translate and though off the mark sometimes, it's helped me a lot.


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    oud hout
    Mar 2008
    Allentown, PA, USA (Metrisch Ambassadeur)
    Most of my life, I lived in Den Haag but 5 years ago I moved to the States. So I can't give you much practical assistance. There are a few forum members living in Den Haag but I don't think they have much workspace to offer. Some big cities have community workshops where you can do woodworking but not in Den Haag as far as I know.
    You should also ask people from your education about the options.
    Maybe one of the members will chime in with information or tips.

    Success with your study.

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    Thank you WR1944. Funny, I just moved from NYC.
    You are correct about the city workspaces. I found both in Amsterdam and Rotherham but sadly not here.
    I'll keep asking around.
    Good luck over there.

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    Hi Tjoin,
    If you are looking for a shared workplace not too far from the Hague there's Brechje Vermaat's Studio InHout. For a small fee you can rent a space in her workshop and use the equipment - provided you know what you're doing of course! (http://www.studioinhout.nl/).

    Forgot to mention, Studio InHout is in Delft, an easy bike ride away. Lets you practice some Dutch culture besides your language courses ;-)
    Laatst gewijzigd door koen77; 02-12-15 om 10:24.

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    dankjewel Koen77. Great tip.
    I'll drop her a line and see if it works.
    Dui ;-)



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