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    Wood Wax help

    Hello All,

    I need some help from you dutch speakers :-)
    I am having lots of fun building dome jigs for my table saw,
    many videos I watch on YouTube, I see they use some kind of
    wax paste, to make the wood slide better over the top of the
    table saw.

    This is an example from Steve Ramsey, which I follow alot
    if you check at 4:15 in this video you see what he uses.


    When I go to Praxis or Gamma here in the Netherlands
    I don't know how to explain it to the shop.

    Could you give me the dutch name of a product that would
    do the same as what it does in the video, I could then just go to the shop
    tell them the actual product name.

    Thanks so much
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    Hello Geppetto,

    You can use parafinewas to make the wood slide better.

    Regards Arjan

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    Senior Member
    Jul 2012
    Hi Geppetto,

    I doubt it you'll get what you need at a Gamma of a Praxis, in my opinion those stores are for emergencies when you need something quick and price and quality are not as important. The parafinewax can be found at a pharmacy, for other products it depends. Some use WD40 or machineoil (like they do on the sole of a plane), others use candlesticks that you rub on the surface (plane sole, sawtable, drawerguides etc).

    But I can't tell you what else to use besides parafine or WD40, I've never had the need to lubricate my sawtable.

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    I get my paraffine wax from Blokker or HEMA in the form of waxinelichtjes.
    Cheap, perfect for making tools work frictionless, quite handy to have around during a power outage and a fun way of putting your house on fire for christmas.

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    Indeed, stumps from candles work like a charm, amd the wife's happy as well with me recycling her candle waste.

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    I also use a candle. For the table of the thicknesser/planer it makes all the difference between not being able to pull the wood through, or passing really smooth. It also makes my hand saw feel like new again.

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    Look for bison houtglijmiddel. For sale at baptist arnhem. But the are not the only one. Search at Google for houtglijmiddel.

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    I use Beewax for this. In dutch it is called 'Bijenwas'. Smells good, preserves excellent, looks nice and slides even better!



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