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    Question over a zaagblad

    Hoi Allemaal,

    I have a bosch contractors tablesaw, I use it to cut multiplex and MDF
    The machine came with a bosch zaagblad with the following details 254 x 2,8 x 30 ... 40
    I have 2 questions:

    1 - the info I know 254 is the diameter, 2,8 is the thickness of the blade, 40 is the number of teeth but what is 30?

    2 - should I change it for one with more teeth? or different thickness? Can you recommend something?

    Note I am not a professional, I only do hobby projects, but as I am getting better at it, I like to also improve the tools.


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    The number 30 stands for the axle diameter and for the teeth i think for MDF etc they mostly use saws with 60 teeth.

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    Senior Member
    Jul 2011
    I think the blade is thinner than 2,8 but about 1,8 mm,
    2,8mm is the thickness of the teeth (saw cut).
    Waar gehakt wordt, vallen spaanders, .

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    Senior Member
    Jul 2012
    30 is the axle diameter, like Kevin said. 2.8 is the with of the sawcut and the teeth. And 40 teeth should be enough, if the cuts are clean and up to your standards. If not, see if you can get a blade with more teeth, like one with 60 teeth as Spaander suggested.



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