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Autodidact een voordeel, door Sam Maloof

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People just like what I do and buy it. As for schooling, my clients are my teachers. Theyíre the ones who bring me the design problems. Schools get too easily divorced from the real world. In many places students graduate and become teachers without ever making a living from their work. They grow stale. Thereís a preciousness I see in a lot of student work that comes from having too many hours to put into it. Perfection is fine, and nothing has left my shop that Iím not proud of, but you have to produce if you are going to make a living. Iíve heard people say they have to put a piece of wood aside until the spirit hits them. Thatís procrastination. Pick it up and work it Ė youíll feel the spirit. No, I think itís an advantage being self-taught.

ó Sam Maloof, December 1980, Fine Woodworking

Naam:     maloof_1956.jpg
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een nog jonge Sam Maloof werkend aan zijn beroemde stoelen in 1956.
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