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03-07-13, 06:08
A big-leaf maple burl was wood-turned on a VB36 lathe to make a speaker cone for a home music system. The burl started at 600 pounds and was shaped to form a cone about 30" long and 28" at the mouth. The inner curve of the cone followed a parabolic shape to a 2" opening. Part of the challenge was cutting through stones that were imbedded as the tree grew. I hope you enjoy watching something nature grew metamorphose into a pleasant and useful shape.


A client paid for this project as part of his home entertainment system. Following turning, the client immersed the wood in a specially fabricated steel vacuum drum. Instead of using pure tung oil which he thought "too expensive", he decided to save money and used hardware-store spar varnish, a foul-smelling finish, in an attempt to make the wood translucent, similar to Cook Island / Norfolk Pine. It told him the maple would not become translucent but he persisted. The speaker came out with such chemical smell that it was ruined for use in any home. The person that paid for this project had more money than common sense. He paid me $6000 and gave me an opportunity to stretch my talents as a wood turner


03-07-13, 10:35
geweldig toch?
heb je er zo lang aan gewerkt en dan verkl**t de klant het en kan die op de vuilhoop;s
verder wel erg mooi hout en om zo iets te kunnen draaien moet je toch al wat ervaring hebben

03-07-13, 12:09
Droom draaibank! Wat een beest zo'n vb36