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09-09-11, 08:22
Hello fellow woodworkers,

Here's a picture of a few of my latest "tippers".

L to R, Pink Ivory, African Blackwood, Brazilian Tulipwood, Kingwood & Cocobolo.
Length 27cm, Dia 11 - 7- 9mm.

Cheers, Gordon

Attached files http://woodworking.nl/upload/attachments/36323=7337-Latest Tippers.jpg (http://woodworking.nl/upload/attachments/36323=7337-Latest Tippers.jpg)

09-09-11, 17:12
Ziet er hardstikke goed uit !!!(looking good)

11-09-11, 11:24
very nice, and how they playing? did you hear/feel a difference? and nice differend colour off the wood, too. (sorry for my not so good englisch.....)

12-09-11, 14:34
Hi Mootje, thanks for the comments !!!
You do feel and hear a difference from each wood (although I think some people buy certain wood as much because of how they look, as how they sound). The African Blackwood and Pink Ivory are heavy but still quite flexible, the Brazilian Tulipwood is flexible but a bit lighter and the Kingwood and Cocobolo are heavy and stiff.
The different woods have different playing characteristics, which is really personal preference. The main two woods used for this style of thin tipper are Macassar Ebony (heavy but flexible) and Snakewood (heavy and stiff), so I'm trying to give players more of a choice and also introduce them to these beautiful woods.
Hope that answers your question, thanks again for the interest.
Cheers, Gordon

13-09-11, 10:13
i'm learn of that, thanks. i did n't now that, i thougth so, because; why there so many different material, now i understand....
and i've seen your site and you are from scotland, nice , my favorit country ;)

do you speak or read dutch, or will you here speak englisch?

13-09-11, 21:09
Hi Mootje, thanks for having a look at the site (Scotland is my favourite country too......;-).
I do speak dutch and I can read it (sometimes with a bit of help from my wife) but I find it hard to write in dutch. So that is why my posts have been in English.

14-09-11, 12:09
thanks, i understand. you can read the most information of this forum, that's 'handy' and we can read englisch, ....also 'handy'

14-09-11, 22:08
Hi Gordon,

These tippers are looking good indeed (although i have never seen tippers before ;) ). The finish with oil and wax makes them shine and accentuates the grain of the wood very nice. Also I have looked at some Robbie Walsh and other bodhran players video's on youtube. Very interesting to learn a bit about this instrument (which is new for me as well). For those who are interested http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFScWzy4V0I[/video]]here's an example ([video=youtube_share;YFScWzy4V0I).



15-09-11, 21:18
Hi Peter,

Glad you like the tippers, I'll putting on more pictures soon, also other turned work (turning tippers all the time becomes a bit soul destroying).