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29-07-17, 09:57
Hello members!

I'm searching for a small space to rent in a meubelmakerij and also that I can make use of the machines.

Ideally in Amsterdam, but anywhere around it would also be fine (Haarlem, Zaandam, etc..)

If anyone has some space to rent or knows something, please drop a message! ;-)

Thank you and have a nice weekend!


Oire Nomi
30-07-17, 07:29
You might want to have a look at de openbare werkplaats (http://openbarewerkplaats.nl/home-en/) in Amsterdam.
I have no affiliation with them and haven't used their services myself.

30-07-17, 10:08
Yes I know that place, but unfortunately it's pretty expensive for full time spot.

But thanks anyways for the suggestion!

30-07-17, 22:22
I know http://www.hgmeubelmakers.nl/contact are moving or about to move and if i'm not mistaken, they plan to rent out some spots in their new workshop. Ask Maarten or Pim

31-07-17, 07:50
Thank you for the info, I will definitely get in contact with them!