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15-04-17, 14:37
Hi, I'm having my frist experience with vacuum pressing and very happy with the results, however can't justify buying a system yet.
I am wondering if someone on the forum knows or offers for rent a system (pump + bag ; maybe table ) that i could rent.

16-04-17, 15:21
High :-)

Are you aware of this system https://www.baptist.nl/houtbewerkers/klemmen-en-lijmen/vacuum-klemmen/losse-vacuumzak-350x1200mm

It's fairly cheap and doesnt require a vacuumpump other than ,what looks like, a vacuvin hand operated pump.
I use this in combination with a vacuumcleaner to first suck out the majority of air and than use the supplied hand held vacuumpump to get the perfect vacuum. This works flawless and with excellent results.
The only downside is that you maybe need different bag sizes for smaller or bigger objects.
I bought the skateboard starter kit which included evereything, so far very very happy with it.
Once a larger project occours I will buy a bigger/other size bag

16-04-17, 16:54
Could this be usefull: https://www.google.be/search?q=venturi+water+vacuum+pump&client=firefox-b&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi-gKzrqqnTAhXLb1AKHf7ZD6kQ_AUIBSgA&biw=1366&bih=649&dpr=1

16-04-17, 17:41
Tks a lot NL-Mikkla.
I'll definetly look into this and its good to know it could handle different sizes. The vacum cleaner is a good tip. I have a big non flat veneering project on hand and my mind was set on a 2 to 3 CFM pump, but will definetly look into how far could i take this one.

16-04-17, 17:48
Tks kclemen. I explored this too since i have access to a compressor. I used joewoodworker.com as source of info. Someone told me it wasn't reliable; but mostly what stopped me was that i wouldn't know where to pick up a venturi here in the NL. How you call them? But if i could get one local i'd happy to try. So tips on where to source it are super welcomed. Tks again

16-04-17, 20:24
searchterm in dutch: waterstraalpomp - use them often at work; they work perfectly. To be clear, it works with water.

17-04-17, 06:47
waterstraalpomp. Any lab supplies company should have them. Or you could try a used lab equipment supplier, such as labstuff.nl

Note that the vacuum achievable with a waterstraalpomp is limited to the vapour pressure of water at a given (ambient) temperature. Also note that continuous use of a waterstraalpomp uses up massive amounts of water. You really only want to use them to evacuate a volume that you can then seal off (we used them as cheap vacuum pumps in chem lab 101, but I think the Uni didn't pay consumer rates for their water supply...). For extended use, you'd probably be better of with a decent food saver vacuum pump. Not the 49 or 99 euro models but the intermediate level ones.

17-04-17, 08:10
You can always prepare a closed water circuit.. That way you do not use massive amounts of water.

17-04-17, 09:46
Yes, but in that case I would guess you'd be cheaper off buying a simple mechanical vacuum pump...

23-04-17, 17:31
I had the luck of getting a nice rotary vane vacuum pump via Marktplaats.nl for 125 so perhaps a look on there might help.

24-04-17, 00:10
How about those cheap ass vacuum bags that are sold at blokker/marskramer etc?
It turns a bunch of clothes into an almost solid bar with just a regular vacuŁmcleaner.
I never had the need for a vacuŁm veneer press but that would be my first thing to try.

18-05-17, 10:05
I started out using a venturi on my cheap compressor, some guitar building suppliers carry them: http://www.lmii.com/products/tools-services/vacuum-tools/compressor-vacuum-valve

I've now got a cheap chinese vacuum pump off eBay Germany which works just fine and is a lot quieter and more efficient than my big, old, cheap oilless compressor system. Don't have a link but searching ebay.de or ebay.co.uk reveals plenty of options around the 100-125 euro mark. I have an oil-free membrane pump. I have a couple of big vacuum bags with connectors, can't remember where I got them exactly (UK supplier, I think bagpress); with a few bits of tubing and connectors, I have maybe 250 euros worth of materials in the system. I think airpress or bagpress have a venturi-based kit that will run around that amount as well.

I have a few

25-05-17, 10:31
Een vacuŁmpomp die op een compressor werkt, heet een venturi vacuŁmpomp. Die zijn her en der wel in Nederland te koop rond de 35 euro.

Onder de 100 euro koop je ook een elektrische vacuŁmpomp, kwaliteit onbekend..