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02-01-17, 00:05
Dear members
I am not sure if I am posting in the correct category or if I can write in English here. I apologize for any inconvenience.
I am new to the Netherlands and usefull new to woodworking. I have been designing my own furniture on Rhino 3D for a few months now and I want to produce some of my ideas. I have no previous woodworking experience so I would like to ask you some advise on where I could find some basic training in English. I am consider myself good on self learning but I really need help for leaning the basics and usefull understanding all the safety standards before investing on buying my own tools. I found public workshop ( http://openbarewerkplaats.nl ) but unfortunately They do not accept English speakers in their classes.

I am also very open to work exchange in order to have the opportunity to learn from another experienced member. I am a web developer and I could offer to build your website / ecommerce.

Any advise or help would be eternally appreciated. I live in Almere and work in Amsterdam but I can travel on weekends.
Here's one of my ideas, I hope you like it ;)




02-01-17, 07:43
Hallo Natali

Maybe I can help you out in 2 months time. We're moving to a new location and there's a lot of room for new projects. Just send pb if interested.

02-01-17, 08:00
Welcome to the woodworking.nl forum Natali :)

Nice to see Rick (MasaveHout) can help you out!
Besides your queries, nice work in Rhino, the autodidact part referred to the cad works?

KR, Ruben