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24-12-15, 23:02
Hi Guys,

I am thinking to buy this Dust Collector :

to use with this dust Commander

Would it be a waste and kill the power of the Dust Collector because of the change form a 10cm pipe to a 5cm inlet on the Dust commander?
I will use it with PVC pipes system around the garage going to 4 machines.


24-12-15, 23:55
I would say both items are incompatible. The dust collector is typical for a shaper/tablesaw, whereas the Dust Commander is combined with a vacuum cleaner, e.q. to use with with a jigsaw, tracksaw, sander and similar tools.

Furthermore, I don't see the advantage of a Dust Commander when you have a Dust Collector: It already collects the dust in a big bag. What kind of bag/barrel would you mount the Dust Commander on, and how is that more efficient than the bags that are used with the Dust Collector?

In general, the 10cm ducts are used for a higher volume of air and a lower speed, and the smaller ducts are used with a lower volume of air that goes through at a high speed.

Typically, a shop vacuum cleaner fills up its bags quite rapidly, and that's why a cyclone comes in handy. OTOH, the Dust Collector IS a cyclone, equipped with a high volume bag.

Finally, using PVC for the ducting will yield a lot of static electricity. I would advise you to consider metal tubing to avoid that.

25-12-15, 20:14
Thanks for getting back to me. Maybe I should explain more.
Today I have a Record CX 2000 I bought form baptist in Arnhem that runs at 850 m3/uu
Here is the link to the bigger brother, mine is not sold anymore.

The issue with this is that where the flexible hose connects to the machine, it has like a plastic filter that blocks anything
larger than dust, so all the shavings even small block this filter and the machine no longer works.
This is why I thought that a separator would help.

However if the machine I was planning to buy here:
will collect everything, than I agree with you and the cyclone will make no sense. What do you think?

Also what do you mean when you say owed speed? Do you refer to m3/uu??
Do you have a recommendation for power to run with 10CM pipes which will be connected to a table saw and jointer/planer?

Many Thanks