Bekijk Volledige Versie : Is the Einhell TH-SB 200 Lintzaag any good?

23-10-14, 19:02
Hello All,

my small wooshop in my garage is missing one of this machines?
I would like to buy one and since I only use it for hobbies I would not like to spend much.
Here is the site where I found it : Einhell TH-SB 200 Lintzaag (http://www.1ekeus.nl/einhell-th-sb-200-lintzaag.html?utm_source=beslistslimmershoppen&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Zaagmachines%2FLintzagen&utm_term=Einhell%20TH-SB%20200%20Lintzaag&utm_content=Einhell)

Considering that the tickest material I would cut is maybe 36mm multiplex (2 x 18mm glued together)
for small things so that I do not have to use the jigsaw.

What do you thing? will it do the job?


23-10-14, 20:29
It's a cheap almost noname machine - so it might do the job. It might do the job if an expert operator is working the machine. It might do the job by the time you've had the third replacement under warranty. In short, your mileage may vary, buy cheap buy twice etc.

23-10-14, 22:30
I've seen these in a German shop, they are REALLY small. And I doubt if it will even cut straight (I never had any luck with Einhell) Better option is to spend your coin on a quality second hand Inca bandsaw (and a few quid on a few tuffsaw blades)

24-10-14, 13:20
Thanks all for getting back to me.
And thank "Resetter" for indicating a good make to look for.


24-10-14, 16:00
No problem either Dutch or English is fine for me. But yea keep an eye out on our "for sale page" I know that O Peaty has a few that he is revising atm.

Give him a PM it should work out.